The Kookuburra tour is a 2 week flying experience covering an enormous range of sites and highlights of the Southern Coast, the inland mountains, deserts and salt lakes and Ayers Rock in the centre of Australia. Best flown from March to November.

Highlights – 16 Days – 32 to 37 hrs Flying

Introduction – 2 Days:

We welcome you to Australia with 2 days of introduction to your tour and whats included in your tour package. We will cover each days flying and all the relevant topics of flying in Australia. Once you are familiar with all the information and your EFB its time to head to the airfield. We complete all the licencing details and get familiar with your aircraft and its operation. Two days are available to complete your familiarisation flights and ensure that all your questions are answered. And now the fun starts!

TOUR DAY 1 – 2:
We leave the Sydney region heading South over the lush green bush and steep ravines of the Budawang Range. The greens and blues highlight the golden beaches. Two nights are spent enjoying the the quaint seaside towns in NSW and Victoria. We follow the southern coastline to Port Phillip bay south of Melbourne

DAY 3 – 4:
Continuing along the rugged South Coast we are graced by the tall cliffs and the 12 apostles. We land nearby to enjoy a private local tour of the impressive rock towers and dinner in town. The next day we fly on skirting the first desert region as we head out over water to Kangaroo Island to explore its wonders

DAY 5 – 7:
Heading past Adelaide City we hug the hills and drift over farms and vineyards. Look out for the famous Barossa Wine region as the red rocks of the Flinders Ranges rise up ahead. We take a day to get out and explore the ancient history of the Flinders by foot and by 4WD. Time to explore the Outback and experience the rugged life of Outback towns and opal mines. Behold the contrasting salt lakes and red sands

DAY 8 – 9:
As we strain our eyes for the first sight of Uluru (Ayers Rock) it rises from the desert floor. Take some time out to soak in the true wonder of this ancient aboriginal site. Your guide will explain the history of the land and its spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people.

DAY 10 – 12:
keep those cameras rolling as the views keep coming. Explore the outback towns of the desert then spread those wings to meet more friendly country folk. Yes they really live out here. Lend a hand on the Station (farm) and listen to the tales of the farmers.

DAY 13 – 14:
Could this trip get any better? We spend a night amongst the hills of the Great Dividing Range. Take a tour of the town or enjoy an afternoon at the vineyards. Are last day takes us back to the beach and down the coast following the lakes and rivers to Sydney.

Wow what a journey, which tour shall we do next?