A grand flying adventure through the beautiful New South Wales and tropical Queensland.

Highlights – 13 Days – 19 to 22 hrs Flying

Exciting country life and paradise islands on this tour

Introduction – 2 Days:

We welcome you to Australia with 2 days of introduction to your tour and whats included in your tour package. We will cover each days flying and all the relevant topics of flying in Australia. Once you are familiar with all the information and your EFB its time to head to the airfield. We complete all the licencing details and get familiar with your aircraft and its operation. Two days are available to complete your familiarisation flights and ensure that all your questions are answered. And now the fun starts!



All ready to start our adventure we jump in our aircraft and head North. Already the scenery is rugged, with steep bush-covered terrain hiding yachts and leisure boaters which follow the twisting waterways. The rivers turn to lakes through the central coast. Passing Newcastle we explore more country towns, surrounded by lakes and fronted by golden beaches. Our first night has us relaxing in a beach town sipping cocktails and watching the waves breaking over the beach.

Day 2: The flat ocean to the East is contrasted by the 4000ft hills to the West as we continue North. We continue to explore Northern New South Wales, with idyllic beach towns begging us to stop and retire, but we continue towards the Gold Coast and cross into Queensland. No customs stops here, as the skyscrapers line the beach front and the streets are made of water throughout the many Marinas. We stay East of Brisbane by island hopping, then sneak inland to float amongst the towering Glass House mountains. Did we take enough photos? not yet as its time to prepare for our landing on Fraser Island.

Day 3: Have we found paradise? Fraser Island is World Heritage listed and is a precious part of Australia’s natural and cultural heritage, it is also protected for all to appreciate and enjoy. It is the only island where rainforests grow on sand dunes. We take a day off to explore the best of the island on a 4WD guided eco-tour. Explore the rivers, and rainforests, swim in the lakes, admire the shipwrecks and local wildlife. Upon your return you can relax in the resort pool, hike amongst nature or relax on the beach

Day 4: As we fly inland we have the Calliope and Dawes ranges on our left. Large National parks with incredible bushland. Out to sea on the right is the start of the Great Barrier Reef. We stop of to meet and stay with the locals on a cattle station (farm). They sure know how to enjoy the good life out here. Relax and enjoy.

Day 5 – 6: All refreshed we continue our adventure, overflying cities and bays, a glorious mix of colour as the area becomes more tropical. Is that a coral reef I can see? Time to head East for the islands of the Whitsunday Group. A picture perfect island resort. Gear down and locked as we touch down on the island and get into beach holiday mode. its time to relax or explore, wine or dine. Enjoy your day off to soak up the island life and take part in many of the great activities and adventures available on Hamilton Island.

l country towns. Crossing the border into New South Wales we descend into the hills of the Great Dividing Range. We take a day off in this pretty country town to explore the history, the wineries and the scenic views.

Day 10: Lifting off we fly between the hills and the larger country towns. Time to meet more friendly Australians and learn a few things about life on the land. Can you ride a horse or rustle up some cattle?

Day 11: last day of flying but the fun isn’t over yet. We turn left to fly over the Hunter valley. A crazy mix of beautiful wineries and enormous open-cut coal mines. Each just as impressive from the air. Lots of beautiful old aircraft in the sky here from Tiger and Gypsy moths, and old warbirds to Eastern Bloc jets, so keep a good look out! continue over the lakes and get a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge of the Hawkesbury river. We have arrived back in Sydney and what an incredible trip it has been!

Wow what a journey, which tour shall we do next?