Frequently Asked Questions


How do I navigate around Australia?

Included in your tour is a Tablet device (Apple/Android) which will contain the best Australian VFR Navigation Software available (CASA approved Electronic Flight Bag).

You will also receive paper maps, charts and visual flight guides.

Your entire flight will be flight planned for you on the device which we provide and will be mounted in the aircraft. Our EFB is a full moving map program which uses the best VFR/IFR maps available in Australia.

As part of our service we will do all your flight planning for you and you can make changes enroute if required.

Your device will include a 4G data card to enable you to upload weather reports, Notams, winds and weather radar (where available)

  •  Moving map
  • Live Traffic and Weather
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ Flight planning
  • All airfield charts
  • Terrain maps
  • Live ‘active Restricted Areas’
  • Additional Goodies

    Why not add some fun flying experiences to your Aussie holiday?

    • Warbirds (Formation flying, aerobatics, dog-fighting)
    • Bush strip skills training
    • Helicopter scenic flights
    • Paragliding / Hang-gliding
    • Seaplanes
    • Tiger Moth Scenic Flights
    • Hot-air Ballooning
    • Tail-dragger training
    • Gyrocopters
    • Tandem sky-diving

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