Sky Australia Tours

Sky Australia Tours is all about travelling and exploring this incredible country. We operate from an airfield in New South Wales, on the outskirts of Sydney. We have been thrilling guests for over two decades with our incredible tours throughout Southern Africa. Our clients have been looking for the next opportunity to spread their wings and continue exploring the best the world has to offer.

Sky Australia’s mission is to unearth Australia’s most incredible destinations in order to provide you with complete flying tour packages that are second to none. We will ensure you enjoy all the scenery and wildlife, gourmet food and wines, culture and sights that make Australia both a modern culture and an untamed ancient wilderness.

Come fly with us...

The Team



Paul is a fan of flying, travel and the outdoors. As a Professional Pilot with over 10 000hrs experience he gets to travel and explore the top tourist sights around the world and those off the beaten track. Big Jets are great for travelling the world, but there is nothing like getting an aircraft down low and slow to really appreciate a country. Paul has experience flying singles, radials, turbo-props and jets. He is an experienced ab-initio and bush pilot instructor and Chief Pilot, and flies formation and aerobatics. If he is not flying he is probably on a bike and happily lost in the forest.



Barbara holds multiple qualifications in Aviation including Airline Pilot Licences and Management Degrees, and currently flies Boeing 747’s for a major airline. She is very passionate about general aviation and enjoys the great people who always frequent the local airfields. Barbara’s business experience shines through in her organisational skills and customer service. She loves to explore the Australian countryside and discover new and exciting destinations for her clients, and as a German speaker Barbara will also ensure that our German speaking guests are well taken care of.



Marketing - Europe

One of Erika’s first childhood memories is of heading to the airfield early in the morning with her father, armed with a bunch of cushions in order for her to actually see outside the cockpit. In addition to becoming a licensed pilot once she was able to reach the rudder pedals and look outside at the same time, she also completed her degree in Business Management and has spent over a decade as the client representative and head of marketing for our sister company, Sky Africa. We are happy to have her as part of Sky Australia team in a similar capacity.




Our Mission